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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

upcoming event from KOSKAS

Upcoming event on 23rd of July

Be There....

KOSKAS CHARITY "Ride, Share, and Care" 2011 Field Report

Field report from Kameradhika

Remember that i
told about KOSKAS

yes, we celebrate our birthday with poor kids,
give them goodie bags, (school bag, pencil case, etc)
some magic show, free health test and music shows.

We were given sponsorship from LA.Lights, Wim Cycle, extra joss,, etc.

we got help from our friend that we can invite 3 Indonesian music artist,
and 1 street magic show.

the guest star :

- Arlan
- Syafir
- Panassa

well, biggest thanks for :

- Basyir as MC
- Ricky Gustaman from WAV production
- Benie Siregar from Hockey Cell
- Trinity Street Magic, and
- all KOSKAS CHARITY Committee...

the photos from us :

best regards

Dhika Eliazar

Thursday, June 30, 2011

KOSKAS CHARITY "Ride, Share, and Care" 2011

hello.. good day everyone..
everyone know about KOSKAS right..?
it's Kaskus cycling community, well KOSKAS been almost a year running.
and for our birthday we want to make a charity on 17 July 2011.
there are

- Social Service
- Coaching Clinic (all about bicycle)
- Health test
- KOSKAS performance
- Bazaar
- Auction (for bicycle things)

for further info :

- Hipposatrya (Adit) : 02199030579
- ThePush (Nopri) : 085716641209



Best Regards

Dhika Eliazar

ps : wish us luck

Friday, May 20, 2011

Build Your Own Road bike


I just sold my MTB because i really interested with road bike,
i will miss off road cycling,
but right now i can get the speed that i
want with my road bike..

So, i buy vintage Classic road bike, and i have to dismantle that bike parts by parts.

These are the photos :

this is me working on the bike

that's me and my niece Catherine

and finally i can remove all the parts from it...

this is the bike after i repainted myself, install the shifter & Brakes

This is my friends bike, who helped me installing the brake pads
and give me cycling computer (my friends name : Benie Siregar)

And This is the Final of my bike

you know why that i put some stickers on my bike,
that's because i want my bike like Juliet Elliott's Charge bike
she's fixed gear rider.

That is the KOSKAS spoke card, that's my Cycling Community.

This is my Final Bike,
but in standart parts.
So, i have to save some money to upgrade it and
i want to put some more stickers on it..

special thanks :
Bakker's Family
My family
Tbag's Family

Best regards

Dhika Eliazar